PNW Helping Hands is proud to offer the only local Responsible Living Skills Program, providing permanent residential placement for dependent youth.

The services we are dedicated to offering are found to be critical in the youth’s transition into adulthood.  Our philosophy focuses on proactively promoting the youth’s positive development rather than identify and later resolving problems. This unique program operates 24 hours a day and is located conveniently in Spokane Valley.

Casey Life Skills Curriculum

Each youth is involved in the co-development of their individualized Casey Life Skills plan. This exceptional curriculum is comprised of a suite of comprehensive on-line assignments, assessments, learning plans, and resources that can be utilized at no cost.

The plan addresses the following:

Career Planning and Work Life

Communication and Social Relationships

Daily Living and Home Life Skills


Personal Money Management


Study Skills

Healthy Lifestyle

Overall, Residential Treatment Coaches at this location are available 24/7 to assist with anything from homework, coaching throughout a job search and acquisition process, and most importantly to simply be there for them.

While out in the community, the youth are striving to make a difference. Many assent the YMCA, Youth Group functions, and other various programs. On occasion they will volunteer at local businesses such s Teen Closet folding clothes, or as SCRAPS working with animals. They can even be found collecting and disposing trash at nearby parks.