​Our trained and experienced Residential Treatment Coaches operate out of six Spokane and Tacoma Behavioral Rehabilitation Services (BRS) locations, providing exceptional care to our clients. We proudly utilize known treatment modalities to assist clients in meeting their individualized goals.

Milieu Therapy is one of the forms we utilize, as it is a form of psychotherapy in which the environment is set up to provide therapeutic interventions in the day to day events and social interactions. It is very helpful with enhancing social skills and building confidence and has been used to work with clients who have behavioral issues, personality disorders, fetal alcohol syndrome, and/or autism.

PNW Helping Hands also utilizes Behavior Modification. This is a therapeutic approach meant to increase a client’s motivation to engage in more acceptable behaviors while decreasing their negative/problematic behaviors. Most often positive and negative reinforcements are used to accomplish behavior modification. PNW Helping Hands’ Color Point System is the basis of their Behavior Modification System.


Once weekly, clients and staff join together to map out short-term goals. Clients formulate goals for themselves, each other, and even the program staff. Throughout the following week staff encourages clients to follow through with the individualized goals through problem solving, planning, and critical thinking. Some examples may include improving anger control, increasing personal hygiene practices, learning to successfully communicate emotions verbally and improving self-awareness.

Community Outings

A monthly activity calendar is created for each program and its’ respective clients, allowing them to be active in the community. While our outings remain structured and closely supervised, they are also wonderful in allowing the youth to enjoy different cultural and fun activities within our area. Several clients gain our trust and demonstrate ability and therefore qualify for our Walk Program where they are able to go on 2+ hour walks independently.

Weekly Outings

Program Managers and Supervisors calculate client earnings each week in order to determine the allowance amount. They are given the opportunity to work to earn this spending money and the amount is solely determined based on our point system of what has been earned rather than what is taken away.

Color Point System

PNW Helping Hands embraces a system based around positive reinforcement for pro-social behavior. It is proven in successfully providing structure, while simultaneously taking away the opportunity for a power struggle. Clients hold the power for what color they are on every shift depending on what they have earned. Colors also reflect the privileges and outings that have been earned for that shift.